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Premium Finance Consulting

Premium Financing is a complex insurance strategy that addresses many of the challenges that high net worth individuals and families face. It is beneficial to help reduce your client’s taxation along with providing for the following necessary types of insurance coverage:

  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Giving
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Income Tax Savings
  • Business Succession
  • Buy Sell Agreements
  • College Savings Plans
  • Whole life
  • Annuities
  • Indexed Universal Life

The SMFS team serves as the quarterback to Advisors working with
your Client, CPA, Attorney, Lender, etc”¦ from:

 The Initial Consultation

Case Design

 Planning and Creation of Financial Illustrations

 Analyzing the intellectual property that makes the results effective including death benefits, income streams, time-frames when loan will be paid off, rate of return.

We identify opportunities, create loan models and help get them funded.

Your Outsourced Insurance Agency

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For those advisors that aren’t licensed insurance agents, we can serve as your fully out-sourced insurance provider and legally compensate you as a non-licensed finder.

If you are a licensed agent, we want to win your business over with higher commissions and better service.

If your clients are high net worth individuals, professionals or business owners, chances are we have specific insurance products and solutions that can benefit their long-term strategy.

24 Hour Turn Around Your clients want a quick quote. We run the numbers, and prepare the documents all in under 24 hours!

Let us help you help your clients?

We know what makes success. We’ve seen it. We’ve done it. It’s time you experience it too.
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