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We Provide Innovative Marketing Strategies

To Grow Your Business

Strategic Marketing Financial Services provides advanced strategies for high net worth business owner clients for all their estate planning needs. We work with Financial Professionals, Independent Life Insurance Producers, CPAs, and Tax Attorneys.

24 Hour Turn Around

Your clients want a quick quote. We run the numbers, and prepare the documents all in under 24 hours!

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Ready To Go Marketing

We have it all.  From PowerPoints and paperwork to contracts and marketing collateral.  We have you covered.

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Boutique Style Services

We are a team of dedicated professionals. We give you the attention to detail you deserve! We identify opportunities, create loan models and help you close your business.

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Agencies Helped
Quote Deals Closed
Presentations Provided
Revenue Increase for Agents

What makes us unique

We pride ourselves on our unique, cutting edge, well tested marketing programs to generate much business growth. We offer access to an entire personalized team of back end support, exclusive proprietary products, and an abundance of selling systems that have put millions of extra dollars in agents’ pockets.

Full Offerings

We provide contracts and marketing on Life Insurance, Annuities, Retirement Policies, Estate Planning and full agency resources.

24 Hour Illustrations

We brainstorm your book of business with you and help identify your client’s insurance needs.

Business Management

We generate business growth, offer exclusive products, and our clients call us for referrals and recommendations.

Extensive Documentation

We streamline your back office support and let you focus on your client relationships.

Trusted Expert Support

Our expert team is here when you need us. We strive for a 100% satisfaction rate, always.

Advanced Options

Have questions or doubts?  We have CPAs and Tax Attorneys that can talk to your CPAs and Attorneys and vouch!

Our Partners

We are Advisors to the Advisor

What our Clients Say

There is a world of options out there for high net worth individuals that I didn't even know about and I thought I was well informed! - Rick Beauford | Georgia
I recently began working with Strategic Marketing. My first case paid a commission of nearly 500k. I already have other cases in underwriting. I’ve never felt so excited and optimistic about leveraged planning.- J.D. | Arizonia
I have been working with Strategic Marketing since its inception. They have always provided the utmost service and support. They have helped place some of my most difficult cases. I’m eternally grateful to them.- H.S. | Illinois
I've been working with Marc for four years. I know that I can contact him at any time, and he will guide me in the right direction. Marc partners well with agents by strategizing on business development, structuring policy proposals, and helping with product knowledge. Marc has aligned himself with some of the finest companies in the insurance industry to allow his agents to present the best possible solutions to their clients. We have developed a strong personal relationship based upon friendship and trust.- R.P. | Indiana