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The Advisors to the Advisor

Are you looking for an IMO who listens,  calls before you do, takes the paperwork off your desk, and lets you focus on relationship building?

Our Clients

We at Strategic Marketing Financial Services, Inc. (SMFS) Work with Financial Professionals, Independent Life Insurance Producers, CPAs, and Tax Attorneys, namely the team of “Trusted Advisors”.  We provide you with specialty advice and solutions to help fund your client’s needs and reduce the amount of unnecessary taxes they pay.

  • Financial Professionals
  • Independent Life Insurance Producers
  • CPAs
  • Tax Attorneys

Our Leadership Team

marc olswang

Marc Olswang founded Strategic Marketing Financial Services in 2011, after working in the finance and insurance marketing industry for nearly 15 years.  His primary focus is on building strategic relationships with advisors and insurance professionals who are looking to grow their business through innovative, cutting edge financial and tax strategies as well as unique marketing concepts.

Marc builds strong relationship foundations with agents and advisors through his strategic investment platforms that promote wealth accumulation and tax advantaged vehicles.

Through his firm, Strategic Marketing Financial Services, Marc offers a full range of Leveraged Planning options and various financial and insurance services for the high net worth client.

Marc Olswang




As Director of Marketing and Sales, Nancy Dana is an analytical and passionate leader. With her extensive experience in sales, marketing, business development and design, Nancy is skilled in increasing awareness, generating funds, and improving customer service. She uses a powerful blend of intellectual and creative  strengths to create and implement plans, drive performance, and exceed expectations. Her work experience includes several years in the Mortgage Industry as a Licensed Loan Originator,  a comprehensive Business Consultant to a diverse range of businesses along Chicago’s Northshore, and an innovative Event planner.

Nancy continually strives to respect and balance  both her family and career responsibilities, as well as donates her time, skills, and kindness to others.

Nancy has a BA from DePaul University.

Nancy has a deep interest in History and the Arts.

Nancy Dana

Director of Marketing / Sales