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We at Strategic Marketing understand the many difficulties and trials that producers may encounter. We provide various unique resources to assist in overcoming client objections, preconceived notions, intense competition, and many other possible forks in the road.

That is why we offer a plethora of advisor resources, ranging from very descriptive marketing and branding pieces to third party vendors with extremely high response rates for lead generation and direct mail marketing campaigns. We are convinced that our programs and resources will take your business to the next level.

Click on the links below to download resource information. For some PDFs, you'll need a username and password to access the files. Visit our Contact page to request this information. Thank you.


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pdf1 Carrier Contacts (view PDF)
pdf1 Fixed Deferred Annuities (view PDF)
pdf1 Annuity Facts (view PDF)
pdf1 Build a Stronger Retirement with an IRA (view PDF)
pdf1 Survivor Roadmap (view PDF)
pdf1 Using Annuities to Help Reach Your Retirement Goals (view PDF)


pdf1 Aviation Guidelines (view PDF)
pdf1 BNP & NT-proBNP Test Guidelines (view PDF)
pdf1 Carrier Ratings
pdf1 Carrier Underwriting Programs
pdf1 Cholesterol/Blood Pressure Guidelines (view PDF)
pdf1 Life Insurance Facts (view PDF)
pdf1 Family History Guidelines (view PDF)
pdf1 Marijuana Usage Guidelines (view PDF)
pdf1 Nonsmoker Guidelines (view PDF)
pdf1 Underwriting Hot Spots (view PDF)
pdf1 Underwriting Programs (view PDF)

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