Providing Innovative Marketing Strategies to Escalate Your Business


No matter where you are in your business these programs are designed to provide the support and marketing tools necessary to get you, the producer, to the next level - the ultimate level of true Financial Independence!

Our creative team can help you reach your target audience with products and marketing that give your prospects a great first impression and build relationships with clients.


ENTAIRE GLOBAL - a very unique leveraged retirement planning program specifically for business owners, in which the accounts receivable are used as collateral. Various annuity and life products are funded with large premiums, to be used as a retirement or estate planning vehicle.

RETIREMENT ANALYZER - a very thorough and sophisticated, but easy to follow system that provides very comprehensive retirement solutions based upon several variables and strategies to significantly increase both life and annuity production.

THRIVE - a custom designed direct mail service guaranteeing a minimum response rate of 1.5%.

POLICY REVIEW - a non-threatening way to approach both existing and prospective clients. We have assembled a step by step, non-carrier specific Policy Review kit for the agent to promote to his/her clients

ESTATE PLANNING SYSTEM - a highly innovative and technological approach, identifying estate planning issues, and providing the necessary solutions. This features a specialized software that thoroughly uncovers all of the variables and facts along with future projections, in a very efficient and graphic manner.

LIFE INSURANCE FACT FINDER - a downloadable request-a-quote form.

COMPLIMENTARY AGENCY RESOURCES - including an in house medical underwriter, CPA, and attorney.
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